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SQ Remote with MiOS/Vera Setup Guide

The setup of SQ Remote with a MiOS system such as Vera from MiCasaVerde is a 3 step process.

  1. Connect SQ Remote to your MiOS / Vera system
  2. Add Control Pads to the carousel to hold your controls
  3. Add controls to your control pads and link them to your equipment

Follow the steps below to set up SQ Remote with your MiOS / Vera home control system:

Everyone has different tastes and different amounts and kinds of equipment. We set out to create a control system that allows you to put your controls together how you want. And as everyone has different ideas about what should go where, we wanted to give you the flexibility to create control surfaces that are set up the way you want them, in a graphically pleasing way. We were also quite fed up with lists!

We feel that if something is worth having, then its worth the extra effort. And when you have everything setup you can share it with others - so you only have to go through the whole setup process once.

Step 1: Connect SQ Remote to your MiOS / Vera systems

SQ Remote will automatically discover your MiOS systems, even those that are in another location as long as they have been registered with your myMiOS account, or are connected to the findVera service.

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Step 2: Add Control Pads to the Carousel for your Activities

Control pads are where you put the actual controls (e.g. power on/off, volume up/down, channel up/down etc.) to control your equipment.

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Step 3: Add controls and link them to your equipment

After you have added one or more control pads to the carousel, you can begin adding controls and linking them to your devices. Just follow the steps described below:

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